Let the geekery begin

Over a couple of beers last night, Lance Diduck and I got to talking about how entropy and information theory affect the throughput of a distributed system.  It’s going to be the topic of an upcoming paper, so I won’t spoil it.

So anyway, I set out this morning to do a little brushing up on my statistics and review some of Claude Shannon’s papers.  I googled for “shannon” and the first results were for Shannon Airport and Shannon Region Tourism.   Not Claude.  Not even Elizabeth.  And my Personalized Search was turned on!  What’s the point of letting Google collect every single last bit of infomation about me if they can’t read my mind and figure out what I’m thinking!  At least when I search for “tomcat” I don’t get airplanes.

The point is, the writing has begun and you can probably expect this blog to be a little on the geeky side.


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