Second Life is Nerdier than I Thought

So not all nerdy things have to come in technology form.

We’re all up to our ears in Second Life, but a couple of really interesting articles have caught my eye this week.  The first is an article by John Bringardner at, detailing the IP disputes that the game has caused.

 What has taken more of Lieberman’s time, however, is trying to create a Second Life arbitration system, to better handle internal disputes. One complicating factor is jurisdiction. Linden currently operates under California and U.S. law. British IP attorney Cooper says that virtual worlds like Second Life need a form of international arbitration. “If I get … an Australian operating a business in Second Life, asking me, a U.K. attorney, how he can best protect his business within Second Life, how do I answer him?” he says, citing one query that he has received. But Cooper sees a model in the uniform dispute resolution policy (UDRP) for Internet domain names.

The second was over on Valleywag (I miss the old Valleywag!), about how the supposed liquid economy is just a pyramid scheme.

What should have been a relatively small SLL/USD exchange trades given media claims about millions of dollars flying around per week in 2006, in reality caused the exchange markets to distort tremendously. We could not effectively move sums of more than a couple thousand dollars out of SL without the exchange market confiscating most of our returns (through rate reflectivity). Example: in July 2006 USD/SLL was 293.0/279.2 bid/ask on the primary open exchange. Our attempts to trade resulted in settlement bids of more than 350. Interestingly, these trades tended to net returns of right around 4%, which was the prevailing dollar deposit rate. 

Honestly, these might be the nerdiest stories about second life I’ve ever read, and I regularly read about how they scale their backend infrastructure on Amazon’s S3 web service!

Gotta love it!


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