Radio Paradise and Multicast

So I listen to a lot of internet radio.  Specifically, I’m hooked on Radio Paradise.  You can find them on iTunes under the radio section.  Definitely worth a listen, and if you do, it’s nice to support them as well so they can stay commercial free.

I’ve gotten my wife hooked on it too – she listens all the time while she’s working.  Although usually she’s just in the other room.

This is a very unfortunate scenario.  Effectively we have to pull two streams from their servers (they have a NY edge node, but that’s besides the point), doubling their bandwidth requirement and ours (2 x 128kbps).

Now there are a number of things we could do such as wiring speakers to both rooms, but that way we can’t each control the playback (say, pausing it when we’re on the phone).  I’ve heard that high end stereos can selectively route audio traffic and work with a web based interface, but I’ve never actually seen one, nor do I want to make that kind of capital expenditure.  Plus, what bothers me is at the packet level, not at the audio signal level.

How nice would it be if we could pull the packets into a single router and multicast once it gets inside our LAN?  As far as I know, there’s no really good way to do this, especially with an audio stream.  And to have client software that listens for incoming stream traffic (http, rtsp) over local multicast?  Does anyone know of a way to do this?


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