Projector & AmEx

So American Express Blue Card has a great perk in that they double all manufacturer warranties.

My projector recently went boom.   The warranty is expired but we are still within the AmEx window.  I got super excited and  filed a claim with them, asking them to cover the repair (most likely a new lamp bulb).  It’s a bit of an ordeal, as they need the original reciept, billing statement, warranty, and a repair estimate.  This is especially complicated because I recently got a new shredder (, so nothing is safe.

I actually had to pay to get a copy of my statement that old (which really really really pisses me off.  Google can keep 2.8GB of email for every single customer, yet AmEx can’t keep 18 months of transactions online?!?  How much data do you think my statement takes?  Let’s say I spend a LOT of money.  A boatload of money.  Let’s say each of my statements is 1MB.  18 statements is a whopping 18MB.  Let’s round that up to 20MB in statements, per person, shall we?  Let’s say they have a billion customers.  We’re talking terrabytes here, ladies and gentlemen.  Not exabytes.)

Anyway, I found a copy of the reciept in, where else, my gmail (love it!).

The web site has the warranty information.

I printed everything out, but then I noticed the fine print:

projector warranty: 1 year

lamp warranty: 90 days

In other words, I really hope that something is seriously wrong with the projector and not the lamp!


2 Responses to Projector & AmEx

  1. a-rod says:

    I have come to the conclusion that everything breaks about 9% over warranty time.

  2. […] Love American Express My projector went black a couple months ago.  It was 18 months old, which places it outside the manufacturer’s warranty but just inside […]

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