ETEL Mashup Contest

I’d like to submit an entry to the ETEL Mashup Contest

O’Reilly Media and StrikeIron are proud to announce the first ever Telephony Mashup Contest. This new contest provides a stage for developers to demonstrate their creative skills using emerging telephony technologies such as PBX, IVR, and Web Service APIs.

A telephony mashup is a voice, Web or mobile application (PBX, IVR, VOIP, SMS, Text Messaging, etc.) that combines content from more than one source to create a new user experience. Qualifying entries must demonstrate how an application can use one or more sources of content in an inventive way to benefit users. Any tool or platform that involves content (see StrikeIron or ProgrammableWeb) telephony (ex: VOIP, SMS, Text Messaging, PBX, IVR) can be used to create a mashup. This is uncharted territory, so there is plenty of room to use your imagination!!

Trying to think of something good I can throw together that won’t take much time and has a lot of wow and bling.  So many of the use-cases that I’ve been swimming in have had good marketing and business value and not enough cool.

Anyone have any ideas?   Teams are 5 people.  Prizes aren’t that good ($1,500 for first place), but the top 3 get to present at the Emerging Telephony Conference, which I’d be up for.


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