Captchas can lick em

Sigh.  This is going to be part of a longer, more thought out post, but wanted to get my rant going a bit.

Are we destined for a world full of captchas, turn off your cell phone announcements, and stupid people buying $3k wide screen TVs and stretching the images so it looks like shit?

Twice in as many days I’ve had work destroyed by captchas.

The first instance, the captcha image had a line in it.  No way to tell if it was a 1, i, or l.  And no “get new image” link.  I yelled when I saw it, took my best guess, and BAM – my account creation process down the toilet.  (Site was twitter, btw).

Today I made a thoughtful and helpful post on someone’s blog post, which I don’t usually do.  I hit publish and was faced with “Please enter the letters below” with no letters.  No refresh image link.  Nothing.  Again, I cursed since I knew my work was about to be kabashed, hit enter, and BAM – the post was gone.  I’m posting a trackback to the blog in question.  Stupid captcha.


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