Bank of America ATMs

Bank of America has wicked cool new ATM machines installed (at least they are new at 4th st & 1st ave in Manhattan).

They no longer require deposit slips or envelopes to deposit checks.  You just slide the check directly into the ATM machine.  How nice is that??

But wait – it gets cooler.

After I slid in the check, it said “How much is your deposit?” (which I never understood – don’t they check the checks anyway?)  Well, I already slid in the check and I didn’t bother to remember at the value.  I got really beligerent: “DAMMIT!  You create this cool new check depositer and you make me enter the total AFTER you eat my check! Stupid BofA!”  But one second later, an image of my check appeared on the ATM machine!  How sweet is that??  They scanned it and showed it back to me.  Way cool.  I could then read the total and type it in.

Finally, my receipt had a printout of the check directly on it, with the security information blacked out.  Wow.  I have to say, very very cool new feature.

And to think, I was all bearish recently on Bank of America because they have a whopping 0.20% interest rate on their savings account.  (Yes, you read that correctly.  0.20%.  Not 2%.  Not 5% like citi or 5.15% like emigrant.  POINT TWO percent.  Hosers.

Oh, and I would also like to say, that I would normally be really pissed off about the receipt with my check image on it.  I’m paranoid enough about ATM receipts (thank you Frank Abignale) to begin with.  The silver lining is that I recently got a new shredder and need brown matter for my worms.


3 Responses to Bank of America ATMs

  1. Doog says:

    emigrant is 5.05 APY get your facts straight. Hoser.

  2. How says:

    These machines are not so wicked. For example, if you deposit the first check into an account, and have a second check, but want to deposit it in another account, the machine will not prompt you first. It will automatically deposit the second check into the SAME account, even if you wanted it in another account.

  3. Robert Gehl says:

    These new ATMs are AWFUL.
    They spit out cash more than a crappy vending machine

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