Mobile Phone as Platform

I like this seemingly random post on Techdirt today.  It’s about a “about a new wireless doorbell that actually hooks up your doorbell to a cellular phone system”

It’s not that I’m so excited about the wireless doorbell (hell, my old school buzzer won’t even let people in.  Just what I need is a BSoD on my frackin front door!) (side note: I personally have no problems with the door – I’m still convinced Goldfarb just pulls instead of pushes), it’s that I’m excited about innovation in the mobile space.

The last line of the articles sums it up well:

For all the talk of how the mobile phone market was becoming saturated due to so many people owning phones, for those who view it as a starting platform for much more interesting offerings, it seems like there’s plenty of potential.

That’s exactly how I feel, and exactly where I’m going with Stealth Mobile.  So many interesting offerings beyond WAP Push and opt-in SMS marketing.  It’s going to come in from left field and hit you in the back of the head and knock you down and you’re going to be seriously psyched when it does.    I know I am.


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