Turing Test

As Andy Kessler quips in How We Got Here:

Turing, who would later go to the University of Manchester,
worked on the Manchester Automatic Digital Machine or MADAM,
and became famous for a posthumously published paper called
Intelligent Machinery. In it, he outlined the Turing Test. A computer
would most surely be intelligent if a human who fed it questions from
the other side of the wall couldn’t distinguish between it and a human
answering the questions. Turing was convinced one could be built by
the year 2000. Maybe. My bank’s ATM is smarter than its tellers, and
might actually pass the Turing Test.

After my experience this past week, I thing Kessler was absolutely right!

I was opening a business checking account for my company, Stealth Mobile.  The bank teller asked what industry I was in.  For lack of a better term, I said “mobile technology” and proceeded to watch her try to type that phrase into the computer.  The end result, after much deliberation, was the mind boggling “mobile techneuleougey”.

After 45 minutes of this checking account opening experience, I needed to do something  to keep myself from going ape-shit bananas.  So I asked, in passing, why Bank of America sends me SO MANY emails asking for my account number and password?  I told her that I was getting tired of re-entering it almost every day and couldn’t they just remember it?

Now *that* is good for a laugh!


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