Up at 6:30am on a Saturday to sling code.

Catching up on the blogs instead.

This random post spoke to me for some reason this morning:

  1. There’s huge demand for (good) Java programmers. (Live in Adelaide, want a job & know Java? Contact me… Also, I’m still looking for an XUL person.)
  2. Javascript might be the next big language, and while everyone claims they can program in Javascript what they mean is that they know how to pop-up an alert box in a browser window. That isn’t programming! (Live in Adelaide and know AJAX and possible a bit of Java? Contact me….)
  3. Spring is good.
  4. Doing estimates for a project when there are no requirements is difficult.
  5. Doing estimates for a (different) project when the functionality, resources and timeline are all fixed is very difficult.
  6. Social networking.. there’s just too much to write on that topic.

That’s kind of where my head is these days.

50+ degrees in NYC today.  I love the Spring.


2 Responses to Top

  1. Nick says:

    Interested in moving? It’s autumn here, but it was 40+ degrees here last week (that’s degrees Celsius – say 105 degrees Fahrenheit) 😉

  2. hoist2k says:

    You know what’s strange? I actually knew that! I was playing with Wii Weather today and was like “What’s the hell is that large red mass of land in the southern hemisphere???” Then I realized it was a 105 (40) degree Australia!

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