Geni Family Tree

Wow.  I can’t say enough about Geni, the new family tree application.

I heard about them a couple months ago, but didn’t pay much attention.  I just read that they got $10 million in VC with a HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR valuation.  Can’t say that I get that, but good for them.  Piqued, went to check out the site.

I have to say, I loved it.

You build out your family tree by clicking little arrows.  The cool part?  Add people’s email addresses.  They get an email about the service and can build out their node.  Viral growth at its finest.  This is the ultimate “why didn’t i think of that app”

I signed up yesterday and put a couple family members in.  This morning I have 84 people in the tree!  I expect a couple hundred by the end of the week.

My only gripe?  No Export button (data portability please!) and no Print button.  Hopefully they are both on the way.


5 Responses to Geni Family Tree

  1. We were happy to see you are enjoying buiding your family tree using Geni. You’ve asked for printing and downloading capabilities–our team has these on the roadmap but we don’t have a time line on these features just yet.

  2. Zack says:

    Glad to hear that it’s on the map! As my tree grows, the time and effort that went into growing it grows, too.

  3. hoist2k says:

    Great to hear! Thanks for the comment, and good luck growing!

  4. Evorgleb says: is such a great idea! I just did a blog post about over on Highbrid Nation if you want to check it out. I look forward to building my tree and maybe meeting some new family members along the way. I think the site has a great future.

  5. jeffri says:

    We have read posts related to family tree on your blog and have just launched family based social network- Kincafe. We would like you to particpate in beta release of Kincafe and provide feedback.

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