New York Magazine Mobile

In continuing my trend of trying out every new SMS service, I checked out New York Magazine’s restaurant guide today.

The instructions said “For venue name search, text NAME”.

I didn’t realize that meant keyword NAME plus the venue.  So I wasted a few tries texting names without a keyword.  The service kept replying “For venue name search, text NAME.”  Who’s on first?!???

I finally figured it out and here’s what I got.  First, I tried my favorite Thai restaurant:

“NAME Kai Kai Thai”

Reponse 1:

(1 of 12)

NY Mag Critics’ Pick

OTT Thai Cuisine

970 Manhattan Ave…

(Presented by Sony)

Reponse 2:

(2 of 12)

NY Mag Critics’ Pick

Thai Sesame

160 Smith St…

(Presented by Sony)

Reponse 3:

(3 of 12)

NY Mag Critics’ Pick

Tookata Thai Grill

268 Prospect Park West…

(Presented by Sony) For more, reply: MORE

Ok, not exactly what I was expecting.  Let’s try another.  Next I sent in my favorite sandwich place (highly recommended – in the LES):

“NAME tiny’s giant sandwich shop”

I won’t bore you with all the text, but my responses in order were “Bright Food Shop”, “BB Sandwich Bar”, and “Cake Shop”.

I replied “MORE” and got “Carve unique sandwiches”, “Corner Shop Cafe” and “sandwich planet”

My thoughts?

First, excited to see this application.  It’s the quintissential NYC SMS app and glad to see NY Mag rolling it out.  On the other hand, it’s really hard to argue that those results are useful, which is a shame.  I really wanted a specific piece of information while I was on the go.

As a comparison, I texted “tiny’s giant sandwich shop nyc” to GOOGL.

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop

127 Rivington St…

Yeah, they nailed it.  First try.  SMS is like search was a couple years ago – you have to pass the Google Test.  Can you at least do better than the free stuff offered by Google? If not, back to the drawing board.  (I should know – I built out a huge search application for  a large corporation and that was the comment that EVERYONE made: it’s not as good as Google.

Second, very interesting to see “Presented by Sony” at the bottom of each message.  I’m obviously really excited to see the inline SMS sponsorship market take off.   Sign of things to come?  Hopefully!

(As a geeky (geekier?) aside, the Sony advertisement isn’t going to convince me to buy their products.  I’m still boycotting them over the rootkit scandal.)

Anyway, will continue to pay attention in this space, especially in the NYC scene.


2 Responses to New York Magazine Mobile

  1. Daniel Martin says:

    It’s obvious you have some experience with sms applications, so I was wondering if you might know the answer to this question…

    SMTP to SMS usually follows the format

    In Pakistan, both UFone and Mobilink have the following smtp:

    Mobilink 300:
    Mobilink 301:

    How do I send an sms from my email account to a specific Ufone/Mobilink subscriber? Where do I insert the destination number.

    If you can help, I will forever be in your debt. Thanks!

    – Daniel

  2. hoist2k says:

    @Daniel – I don’t know offhand, but I’ll ping one of my Pakastani techie friends and see if he knows. Also, forever in my debt? That’s quite an offer!

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