Verizon *almost* gets it, but then totally fux0rs it

Just got an SMS from Verizon on my Treo.

“Free MSG from VZW: Your device may need important Daylight Savings Time software update. See”

“COOL!” I thought. What an awesome use of SMS. This is an update I need and I want. VZW is being proactive in getting me to upgrade, and delivering me the message in exactly the format that I would want it. On the phone. In an SMS. With the link right in front of me. As I’m not the biggest VZW fan (my monthly bill is $188), I was very pleasantly surprised with the message.

Unfortunately, and what has been a growing trend on this blog, my excitement was quickly displaced by frustration and disappointment.

I clicked the link on my phone, and was redirected a couple of times in my browser, getting alert dialogs asking if I want to continue.

I finally landed on a 500KB (yes, FIVE HUNDRED KILOBYTE) web page that was (obviously) not formatted for mobile. Are you kidding me guys? My phone then sat there for almost 70 seconds for the page to load. I sure as hell home this doesn’t count towards my unlimited data plan limit!

And a screenshot of the worthless page I was presented with:


GRRR! Come on guys! You had me at “Free MSG”. You completely lost me. Literally. I’m totally lost. How do I update my device? Do I have to? Help!

Update: Turns out that Palm isn’t much better.  After lots of panning and clicking, I finally end up at a Palm page (not formatted for mobile, even though the section is titled “If you’re reading this on your Palm device”) with the following text:

If you’re reading this on your Palm device (over-the-air installation):

Before you install the Daylight Saving Time Update, you may need to install two Microsoft updates in order for your system to reflect the DST rule changes. You’ll need to do this from your desktop PC (not your Palm device).

Contact your organization’s IT department before installing these Microsoft updates. If you have any questions about the updates, consult with Microsoft or your IT department. These updates are not affiliated with Palm.

Installing the Daylight Saving Time Update for Palm OS
After you’ve taken care of the Microsoft updates, you can install the Palm software directly on your device. Do not install the Palm software until you’ve performed the Microsoft updates. Contact your IT department if you have questions.

Huh?  What?  Last I checked, I use Palm OS and a Mac.  I’m so confused guys.

 Update(2): Downloaded the .prc, accepted into Applications, ran it.  So far so good!


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