I Love American Express

My projector went black a couple months ago.  It was 18 months old, which places it outside the manufacturer’s warranty but just inside the American Express Buyer’s Assurance program, where they double all warranty’s up to a year.

For those of you keeping score at home, I submitted my claim and it was approved yesterday!  They completely covered the cost of repair, which was $289.  Pretty sweet!  This is the second time they’ve saved my ass (I had an ipod die a few years ago that they covered).  Can’t say enough about Am Ex.

Oh, and check this out.  I actually had the following documents:

  • Copy of original receipt
  • Copy of Am Ex statement (I had to request this, actually)
  • Copy of UPC symbol
  • Copy of original warranty
  • Repair estimate in writing

Pretty proud of myself for having all of that.  Plus, thanks to this post, I now know how to spell “warranty.”


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