If wishes and buts were fishes and nuts

Or whatever that expression is.

I wish every surface in my house was dry erasable.  And I had a dry erase marker in one of my fingers.  Or maybe a different color in each finger.  That could retract like Wolverine.  Oh, and I wish I was wolverine.  Also, I wish I could put the new Google Talk widget anywhere.  Literally anywhere.  Like on my dry erase refrigerator.  So I could talk to my Jabber/Twitter when I’m getting a snack.  Which reminds me, I wish I had food in my fridge.  And that my Twitter/Jabber thing worked even a little bit.

I wonder who would subscribe to my fridge door?  Possibly Con Edison?

Also, I wish I had one of those heads up displays that I could use to play video games on the road while I drive.  Or at least while I’m a passenger.  So you could shoot oncoming traffic with your rockets and grenades and get points.  And it would all look totally sweet and real b/c of the real-time video camera system built in.

Although I might be just as happy with Super Smash Brother Wii if it ever comes out.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, I need to diagram something.  I wish I had whiteboard.  Or some nuts. Or a beer.


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