Verizon must read my blog!

The other day I bitched about Verizon and their almost-amazing-yet-absolutely-horrible consumer experience with daylight savings time changes on smartphones on their network.

They must have read my post and said to themselves, “what is the most annoying possible thing I could do to Ben in retaliation for his blog post?”

You know what they did?  On March 14th, three days AFTER the daylight savings time change I get a paper postcard in the mail (yes, like actual paper mail) that says “You need to upgrade your device before March 11.”  oi!


2 Responses to Verizon must read my blog!

  1. Albert says:

    Heh, that shows how great Verizon’s customer service is.

    Nationwide Long Distance

  2. john says:

    Wow that is wack! Verizon is known for that kind of things. Thats why I switched from them to a cheap and reliable high speed internet provider. Their DSL is fast and they offer other broadband services as well. Check them out:

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