Trimming the Fat

Every once in a while, the blogosphere turns into this MASSIVE echo chamber.

I mean, it always is, but some days is worse than others.  For example, I took 3 days off from reading feeds when the iPhone came out.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Same thing with Twitter about a month ago.

It happened again this week with Google buying Doubleclick.

When this happens, I start unsubscribing from each feed that rehashes the exact same news story that I’ve already read N times (where N varies based on the story, but is greater than 5 and less than 10).  I said goodbye to Scoble this week for this reason.

When I get down to no more blogs, I reimport my backup OPML and start over.  I should get out more.


One Response to Trimming the Fat

  1. Blendah Tom says:


    I agree.. I have just recently gone on Feed Diet myself

    Lots of crap to clog up the day..

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