Run after Delay

I think I’ve blogged about Quicksilver before, but I just wanted to share this screenshot with you.

I am NOTORIOUS for putting something on the stove, going to check one quick thing on my computer, and 40 minutes later carrying a completely destroyed black pan+omelet out to the garbage.

So now I routinely get back to my desk and do a real quick:


.stove<enter> (or whatever I’m cooking)

lar[ge type]<ctrl-enter>

run[ after delay]<enter>

2 min<enter>

Then, exactly 2 minutes later, I get a popup on my screen like this one:

quicksilver corn

It’s almost worth clicking to view in it’s full glory.  Makes me laugh every time.


One Response to Run after Delay

  1. abc says:

    almost a good as “corn” on a birthday cake…

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