Keeping a customer

What’s more expensive?  Keeping a customer or gaining a new customer?  Unless you’re Michael Scott, you know that it is waaay more expensive to get a new one than retain an existing one.

For the past 2 months, we’ve been members of Urban Organic.   It’s a service in NYC where they deliver a box of organic produce once a week to your door.  The concept is great, and in practice, it’s pretty fun to get a surprise box each week.

For whatever reason, the delivery guy stopped ringing my doorbell and just started leaving the box with the convenience store next door.  (My guess is the 5th floor walk up, but that’s no excuse. Plus I tip well).  This happened twice, so I emailed to complain.  The third time it happened, I emailed and asked to cancel my subscription.

Ok, if you’re Urban Organic, what do you do in this situation?

Figure you have 2 choices:

a) Just let me go

b) Do something to try and get me to stay a customer

They chose a.

And let me tell you something.  If they had replied, “We’re incredibly sorry to hear this.  We will speak with the driver at once.  We would hate to lose you as a customer.  Your next box is on us, and if you still want to cancel after that, just let me know.”  And to be completely honest, if that was the reply I got, I would still be happily paying them every week.   And I would have recommended them when my friend asked what I though of them instead of warning him away.

They should really consider reading some Seth Godin.


3 Responses to Keeping a customer

  1. bdunc1 says:

    The sad thing is they did so much to convince you to try it, and they spent so much making a great product, then didn’t spend the smallest amount of attention to keep you going.

    Plus, how many people would you have told how great they are if they had chosen ‘b?’

    Everyone should consider reading a little Seth, by the way.

  2. tony says:

    And then there’s people like me who just did a search on them and find entries like this. That’s two lost customers.

  3. […] My Urban Organic (grocery delivery service) delivery person provided poor service. When I complained, they didn’t offer to make it right. I cancelled. […]

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