Fresh Direct Packaging Improvements

Now that I canceled my Urban Organic deliver, I have gone back to being a Fresh Direct customer.

I got a GINORMOUS order delivered today. Given past experiences with their horrendous packaging I was expecting somewhere between 9 and 13 boxes.

But you know what?  The contents were packed in super tight, like  Tetris pieces!  5 boxes, packed perfectly tight.  This company has come a long way since I last used them.

Big kudos to FreshyD!


4 Responses to Fresh Direct Packaging Improvements

  1. abc says:

    I wonder how they do it? Do they have workers who are tetris pros? Or do they have kids playing a video games called “pack the box”? Or is it some new computerized system that jointly optimizes for number of boxes and box weight, with constraints on breakable items like eggs?

  2. hoist2k says:

    the fresh direct box problem is just a generalization of the bounded knapsack problem. and that makes it np-complete.

  3. abc says:

    Well, there goes my idea for a startup company.

  4. Bubble Wrap says:

    the packaging should be like that can make your product look fresh !

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